Hi! I'm Buck. Here is a little about me...


Growing up my friends lived close enough to pedal to their houses and hang out. My mom would lead me and my brothers to explore the miles of logging roads near our home on Ocean Beach Road. I have some pretty fond memories of building jumps in the ditch, wiping out super hard on our gravel drive, and the peaceful sensation of no one around for miles while exploring.


I started working on bikes while attending Snow College in Ephraim, UT. I joined a club, Badger Bikes, and started fixing the donated bikes we turned into rentals for students. I found myself more excited about bikes than the engineering classes I was taking and began to pursue bikes more by working at a local shop. After eighteen months of general managing at a bike shop I decided to strike out on my own. My wife and I then decided to move home to Washington to be closer to family.


After a year of working construction the opportunity to open my business presented itself and I took it by first buying the 1978 Chevy P30 that is the shop on wheels. My dream of owning my own bike shop soon became a reality as more opportunities presented themselves and I fearlessly grabbed hold. With our location in Seabrook, I can only imagine what further opportunities the future holds.


I love working on bikes and being on two wheels. My wife can attest to that! I like being comfortable around people and that carries over to my shop. Anyone is welcome, we service it all. BMX, road, mountain, downhill, recumbent, you name it. I ride as often as I can and invite you to do the same!



Seabrook, WA         360.986.0325