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Building New Trails

We are super STOKED to announce that WA Department of Natural Resources and Olympic Peninsula Bicycle Alliance have struck an agreement to allow trails to be built on DNR land adjacent to Seabrook on the East side. Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance will continue their involvement as well, the potential trail map is even a creation of theirs, and will be the blue print we will follow in establishing the trails! The first trail that will be worked on to completion will be the green "perimeter" trail that is two miles long! This trail alone will nearly double the amount of single-track in the area. As Seabrook grows, and more visitors come to the area, we find a growing need to get more single-track mileage. In fact, we feel a bit behind on it, so we are working as fast as possible to increase our trail mileage.

Below is the proposed map of the trails to be put in first, and the order of priority is the green perimeter, blue interior, then black interior trails. Currently our focused build out is only on the DNR parcel. We plan to also add connecting trails that lead off the DNR parcel West to Seabrook owned land to tie in with the current trails there.

Map of Potential Trails on DNR Land

We can't do it alone though, we need your help!

Come help us build trails! We are planning trail work weekends for every third Saturday each month until Summer. There is much to do and many hands make light work. Our first weekend is coming up very soon and will be....

December 15, 2018

Here is the format for the work parties:

  • 9:00a - Meet @ Buck's Bikes for trail assignment, presentation, and safety brief

  • 9:30a - Head out to trails for work

  • 12:00p - Break for lunch (provided)

  • 1:00p - Return to trail work

  • 4:00p - End work for the day

As we are just getting started with the work there are specific tasks we need to accomplish before the first shovel breaks ground. The land is thick with underbrush and logging debris. Rather than have a pre-commercial thin tear up the land, we will clear the trail corridor (as well as thin brush on either side of the corridor for 25') of brush and logging debris in preparation to turning dirt by hand shovel and machine. With those tasks ahead of us, the tools needed are specific to the work. Here is what you need to bring on our first weekend of work:

  • Boots

  • Rain Gear (or appropriate clothing for the weather)

  • Water

  • Gloves

  • Eyewear

  • opt - Pruning sheers, trimming tools

There is additional opportunities for those hard chargers out there to work Friday and Sunday around the Saturdays planned. Those days we will start and end an hour earlier (8a-12p, then 1p-5p) and will also include lunch.

If you plan to attend, please rsvp the work weekend by sending an email to so we may plan accordingly. There is lots to get done and we plan to be as efficient as possible!

Other dates for weekend work parties are:

January 19, 2019

February 16, 2019

March 16,2019

May 18, 2019

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