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Klunker Build-Off 2019

Buck's Bikes is hosting its first Klunker Build-Off and you're invited! That's right, this build-off is open to anyone who dares to build an off-road machine following the old school ways.

A finished Klunker

You may ask, what is a klunker? A klunker is basically an old cruiser bike that is stripped down to the frame and built back up to be a mountain bike. It hearkens back to the earliest days of mountain biking when the pioneers of the sport like Gary Fisher, Joe Breeze, Charlie Kelly, and Tom Ritchey were converting old Schwinn cruisers to be able to tackle the dirt roads and trails around Marin County, CA.

Nowadays, klunkers are built out of old, derelict bikes that are no longer being used, as a way of repurposing them and getting them out on the trails. It’s fun to see what people come up with, as every klunker ends up being unique and one-of-a-kind. Some klunker builders take great pride in seeing how inexpensively they can cobble together an off-road capable bike. Others add some serious bling to their builds like Brooks saddles, Chris King headsets, Hope hubs, XTR cranksets, etc. Some klunkers can be made as simply as removing the chain

guard and fenders and throwing on a set of knobby tires and mountain bike handlebars.

A Klunker Frame Choice

Maybe red is your color?

Klunkers are also fun to ride and make familiar trails a lot more challenging. Most klunkers use the old coaster-brake hubs, which definitely makes it more difficult to ride off-road – increasing the challenge boosts the fun factor.

So if anybody wants to join in on the fun, you’re welcome to join the contest. The deadline for the bikes to be completed is 15 June. We’ll have the judging and a group ride that Saturday, where we can all test our creations on the mountain bike trails near Seabrook.

If you have questions, please feel free to stop by the shop and ask. We even have some old cruiser frames for sale and we can order in any parts that you might need for your bike build.

Now go out and build your best Klunker!

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